Detailed Biography

Hi, if you made it this far, you are looking for some serious information. I will try to detail as much as I can, feel free to contact me via the comments if I missed something critical.

Who am I (again)

I am a 31 year old male currently living in Bengaluru.  I hail from New Delhi and have lived almost exclusively in Delhi up to my recent relocation in Bengaluru. I speak Hindi and English (professional fluency) while trying to learn new languages.

What do I do

Professionally,  I am a Game developer. I have worked through the entire Game development pipeline as a 2D artist, 3D artist, Animator, Programmer and currently as a Technical Artist.

How do I do it

I have worked on multiple software suites to create art and source code for Games. I have worked at a professional level on Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Maya, Blender, Unity 3d, Visual Studio etc. I have worked on projects released on various platforms like XBLA, PS3/ XBOX 360, iOS, Android, PC / Web etc.

I have 5 years of programming experience with C# working on Unity Game Engine. Currently I am learning CG and OpenGL to create and modify shaders for mobile games.

What have I done already

I started as an Animator in the games industry. While writing tools for artists in MEL, I gradually moved to a Developer role. I have worked as a Developer for mobile Games in Unity. For more on my work Experience please go through the linkedIn profile attached to the sidebar.

What do I plan to do

My current goals are to learn graphics programming and improve my knowledge of the rendering pipelines of mobile platforms. This blog is one of my attempts to give something back to the community that has allowed me to learn game development.

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